Specialist Health, Safety and Environment Test

CSCS Cards are available for those who work in specialised industries that require a specific knowledge base.

The following specialist Health, Safety and Environment Computer Tests can be done in the following disciplines.

•    Supervisory (SUP)

•    Demolition (DEM)

•    Plumbing (JIB) (PLUM)

•    Highway works (HIW)

•    Specialist work at height (WAH)

•    Lifts and escalators (LAEE)

•    Tunneling (TUNN)

•    HVACR - Heating and plumbing services (HAPS)

•    HVACR - Pipefitting and welding (PFW)

•    HVACR - Ductwork (DUCT)

•    HVACR - Refrigeration and air conditioning (RAAC)

•    HVACR - Services and facilities maintenance (SAF)




This course will be delivered at our training facility of G&C Training Centre Ltd. based in Chessington, Surrey within the London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames.

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