Health Safety & Environment (HS&E) Operative Test

The Health Safety and Environment (HS&E) Operative Test is your main route to get onto a construction site. This computer based test is essential to pass in order to gain a CSCS card no matter which type of operative card you require.

Click this link to view which CSCS card is suitable for you.

The maximum time allowed on the test is 45 minutes in you have to answer 50 multiple choice questions. These questions include:

             •  12 behavioural case study questions

             •  38 knowledge questions

Successful completion of the Operative Test indicates that operatives can demonstrate competency in carrying out onsite operations safely. The test examines knowledge across a wide range of topics to improve safety and productivity on site. These include behavioral case studies and the five core knowledge sections:

             •  Legal and management

             •  Health and welfare

             •  General safety

             •  High risk activities

             •  Environment

It is mandatory for all construction operatives including trades people to pass the operative test in order to gain a CSCS card.

In order to be fully prepared for the operative test the following resources are helpful and is available as a book, DVD, App and downloadable video:

HS&E Test Revision Material for Operatives and Specialists (GT 100/15)

Course Duration

The maximum time allowed on the test is 45 minutes. Computer registration for the test can take approximately 5-10 mins.


This course will be delivered at our training facility of G&C Training Centre Ltd. based in Chessington, Surrey within the London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames.

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