CPCS Renewal Test

The CPCS renewal test is designed to help plant operators ensure that they have key knowledge of each plant category or group of plant categories. The renewal test renews the CPCS competent operator (blue) card.

The CPCS renewal test is split into modules. Each module is CPCS plant specific and has 15 multiple choice questions that are based on a range of topics and key knowledge expected of experienced plant operators. Each module needs to be answered within 15 minutes.

Please use the Module Matcher to work out which module(s) you need to take for the CPCS renewal test.

Cardholders will need to pass each module in order to retain each category when renewing their Competent Operator (Blue) Card.

CITB has developed a set of module specific factsheets to allow candidates to prepare for each module of the CPCS renewal test.

These CPCS factsheets have been developed to concisely cover all the subject areas within each module from which the questions are based.

Please download the CPCS module specific factsheets.

Entry Requirements

The candidate must already hold a valid or expired CPCS Competent Operator (Blue) Card.

Course Duration and Assessment

The maximum time allowed for each module is 15 minutes. The test consists of 15 is multiple choice questions done on computer


             •  Crawler crane

             •  Tower crane

             •  Dragline

             •  Track mounted boom concrete pump

             •  Forward tipping dumper

             •  Excavator 180

             •  Masted Forklift Truck

             •  Telescopic Handler

             •  Grader

             •  Hoist

             •  Wheel loaded shovel

             •  Track loading shovel

             •  Skid steer loader

             •  Motorised Scraper

             •  Examination

For further information please visit CPCS category information.



This course will be delivered at our training facility of G&C Training Centre Ltd. based in Chessington, Surrey within the London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames.

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