1 Day Asbestos and Demolition Awareness

The course has been developed and designed so as to give instruction on the hazards and dangers involved with asbestos, and are intended for all persons working in areas where asbestos materials may be located.

The course is designed for candidates who have had no demolition training, and for those candidates who require refresher training. It is also for any operative/ manager involved in Demolition Procedures.

To enable Demolition operatives to be kept updated on changes to legislation and health and safety practices in line with CCDO Scheme and health and safety requirements. It will also enable operatives to meet the training requirements of current HSE legislation ACOP where regular training is required for those persons who are liable to disturb asbestos while carrying out their everyday work.

Entry Requirements

This course is designed for anyone involved in demolition site operations, including managers, operatives and supervisors.
It is also legally required if you are liable to be exposed to asbestos and on completion you are certified for one year in line with The Approved Code of Practice.
The course also covers the common subjects that operatives will need to understand during the health and safety test for the ConstructionSkills CSCS/CCDO card scheme.

Course Duration

One Day


The natural origin and physical qualities of asbestos
History and Properties Asbestos
Health and safety legislation
Its uses and locations etc where it may be found
Types, uses and likely occurrence of asbestos and ACM's
Biological effects
Risks to Health
Asbestos related diseases, pleural plaques and scars, asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma, risk of developing disease, latency periods, amount of exposure required to cause specific diseases. Increased risk of lung cancer from smoking Emergency Procedures
Identification of asbestos products and reporting procedures
General epidemiology and statistics

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